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What Medications Do I Need to Take When Travelling

When packing for a holiday or trip, it’s a good idea to make yourself a checklist beforehand to make sure you don’t forget anything; underwear, sun tan lotion, camera. And yet something that you may forget to put on your list but is certainly a must is travel medications.

Depending on where you are travelling to, there are a number of ailments or conditions that could affect you and it’s always better to travel prepared than it is to fall ill while in a foreign country and have the hassle of trying to sort healthcare and treatments while you’re over there.

To ensure you’re prepared for your next trip, you should make sure you’re aware of any risks associated with your upcoming trip and buy all the treatments you require from an online pharmacy.


Particularly if you’re travelling to Africa or anywhere with tropical or subtropical climates, you need to protect yourself against Malaria. Malaria is a life-threatening disease that is carried and passed on by mosquitoes in certain parts of the world and even though it’s dangerous, you can easily protect against it.

A short course of antibiotics will do the trick, although you’ll need to make sure you take the right amount for the number of days that you are travelling for. In addition to taking the medication, you should also follow proper anti-malaria practises by sleeping under a mosquito net, using insect repellent and being particularly careful at night or near stagnant water.

Jet lag

If you’re travelling long haul and crossing multiple time zones then you’re highly likely to suffer from jet lag at least to some degree, and may notice trouble sleeping, headaches and irritability. To help get your body back on it’s natural cycle, Melatonin offers effective jet lag treatment.


Everyone has got an upset stomach on holiday at one point or another, particularly if you’re going somewhere with low levels of hygiene or foods that you’re unfamiliar with. As unpleasant as traveller’s diarrhoea can be, it doesn’t have to completely hijack your trip. Go prepared with a stock of the right medication and you’ll be able to get yourself feeling better in no time when sickness strikes.

Travel sickness

Also known as motion sickness, travel sickness is extremely common and affects people in different ways. Some people may only notice it when sat in a seat that faces backwards, while some people can’t set foot on a boat without feeling nauseated.

If your upcoming trip involves a lot of travel (maybe a road trip or a boat party?) then you certainly won’t want the fun ruined by feeling sick! There are a number of medications that work on your brain to block the motion sickness from happening, leaving you to enjoy your holiday and not worried about having it interrupted.

Bites and stings

Even if the mosquitoes in the place that you’re travelling are not carrying any potentially-deadly diseases, their bites can still be an irritating nuisance. No one wants to spend their holiday scratching!

Ward off mosquito bites with a two-pronged approach; first, try to keep them away with insect repellent and if any pesky ones sneak through, then treat bites with some relief cream.


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