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My Train Journey Hell

I love holidays, but I don’t love the airport. Why? Because I always have a drama, without fail. The last drama I had involved a train journey to Bristol Airport, and it has put me off public transport involving an airport ever since.

I will tell you my sorry tale. Are you sitting comfortably?

I booked a flight from Bristol, because it was cheap, and because I tried to be clever, I thought I didn’t need to book Bristol Airport parking, and instead I would get the train. I was very sorely mistaken.

Now, the mistake wasn’t in finding a cheap flight from a different airport, because shopping around and being flexible is always a good idea when you’re trying to save money, no, the mistake was in choosing the train. Big mistake.

What happened?

My train was delayed, I had two suitcases, and when the train eventually rocked up, it was so full I nearly caused every single person in a ten metre diameter an injury because I couldn’t control the direction my case wanted to go in. Was I stressed? Yes. Did I enjoy my journey? No. What would I do differently? Drive myself to the airport!

Lesson learned.

Don’t make my sorry mistake, and ruin the first few hours of your travel day because you’re too traumatized by the events of your day so far. Holidays are precious and they should be enjoyed from the moment you leave the house, to the moment you return.

I have certainly learnt my lesson, and I drive myself to the airport every single time now, without fail. I find it saves me money when compared to the expense of public transport, not to mention my ever rising blood pressure levels. Nobody should start their travels ready to pull their hair out. It’s worth shopping around, but I regularly book my parking spot through Airparks, because I always find the best deal, and have never had reason to complain about the fantastic level of service I’ve received.

No matter where you’re flying from, I’d recommend you look into this option, especially if you’re travelling with children. A calmer start to a break should always be explored! As for the cost, we all know that train fares this year have gone up, and coach fares too; as for airport taxis, you’re looking a huge cost before you even start.

Cut the price tag and save the stress, it really is a no brainer.

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