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The Most Bizarre Attraction in Wisconsin

Wisconsin is home to one of the strangest attractions in the country. The House on the Rock is a unique structure with crazy rooms, streets, gardens and shops that were designed by Alex Jordan, Jr. The attraction opened in 1959 and is still a famous sightseeing spot in Iowa County, Wisconsin.


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The modern design of the building draws thousands of people to the spot every year. Many say that the inspiration behind the structure was from a meeting Jordan had with Frank Lloyd Wright years earlier that caused a feud between the two.

The house sits at the top of Deer Shelter Rock and additional buildings have been added to the original structure over the years. The House on the Rock features “The Heritage of the Sea” which includes nautical exhibits and a 200-foot model of a whale-like sea creature. “The Music of Yesterday” is a collection of automatic music machines. This attraction has been referred to as the world’s largest indoor carousel. The bathroom’s are even decorated odd with mannequins and preserved animals. During December, there is a Christmas theme complete with decorations and a large collection of Santa Claus statues.

In 2008, the attraction opened a museum about Jordan’s personal life and his work on many buildings. The House on the Rock is home to a lot of crazy things, like one of the world’s largest fireplaces and a number of antiques including guns, dolls and musical instruments.

Visitors have raved about the building and have also said that there is really nothing like it. It is a very bizarre attraction, but it continues to bring back visitors every year for over 50 years.


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