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Drinking on a Plane

Order That Drink on the Plane, Flight Attendants Won’t Judge!

As a flight attendant, I have served plenty of people alcohol. Most of the passengers know how to handle their booze. But there are a select few who do not. This doesn’t mean we are against people drinking on a plane. In fact, it is just the opposite.

I recently read an article that I found interesting. It talked about how flight attendants really feel when people drink on the plane. Of course, our main concern is the safety of the passengers. But one of our jobs it to also make sure we are attentive and provide the best service we can to the passengers.

I really agree with the flight attendant they interviewed in the article. She said she enjoyed the people who drink on the plane because they are fun and more laid back. This is so true! A lot of people have a fear of flying so they get relaxed after having a drink or too.

I rather have a passenger have some alcohol and be relaxed than be uptight and scared. When passengers are relaxed, everyone can enjoy a better flight. It is very rare that we come in contact with someone who has had so much to drink that they are out of control. Most people are very cooperative and never cause problems, they just want to let loose and have some fun.

Airplane drinking

The very few bad apples that flight attendants have come across have not ruined it for everyone. We know that there are always going to be someone that is going to become disruptive, but for the most part, people that drink on planes are totally fine and do not cause any trouble.

Usually if we feel that a passenger may have had too much, then we get the head flight attendant to politely let them know that it may be time to quit drinking, all for the safety of the rest of the plane. None of us are looking for a confrontation; we all just want the most pleasant flight we can have.

So if you like to drink on a plane, go ahead, flight attendants do not mind! Just make sure you are respectful to everyone else on the plane. If you do not cause a problem, then we will not have a problem.


Photo courtesy of Huffington Post.

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