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Hotel’s Adorable Pet Mascots

What makes your stay at a hotel even better? Having a super cute friend greet you everyday in the lobby! Hotels across the world have adopted cats, dogs and even birds as their mascot.

More pups

Courtesy of Fairmont Copley Plaza

The Fairmont Copley Plaza homes two adorable black labs named Catie and Carly Copley. Catie was a guide dog in New York and now calls Boston home. Carly was adopted from Boston’s Animal Rescue League. They both greet visitors at the door and even Carly likes to cruise around on the hotel’s bell carts. Guests can even book an appointment to take the pups out for a walk.

The Ritz-Carlton in Colorado has two very special pups. Belle, a Bernese mountain dog and Bachelor, a St. Bernard, spend their days lounging around with guests. They are available for walks and hikes. The hotel even allows you to bring your own pooch and offers a doggy massage and other great amenities.


Courtesy of The Algonquin

The Algonquin in New York City is known for adopting cats all the way back to the 1920s. Matilda is their current rescue cat and wanders around the hotel. The dining room and kitchen is off limits to Matilda, but she has plenty of other space to roam around. Every August, the hotel even throws her a birthday party.

Bangkok’s Mandarin Oriental houses two mynah birds. They are known as the Thong-Jaa sisters and actually talk to the guests. They speak Thai and have been at the hotel since 1997.

It would be wonderful if more hotels would catch on to this great idea. Having a pet around the hotel to greet and comfort guests really make them feel at home.

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Photo courtesy of Michelle Walker.

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