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ecigarettes on planes

Vape on a plane – the rules and regulations

Whilst the use of electronic cigarettes has increased in the last 12 months, there is still a lot of uncertainty about where they can be used, airports and on board planes being an area where people just aren’t sure. There will be lots of e-smokers arguing their case for the smoking of e-cigarettes to be allowed on planes.

ecigarettes on planesThe current rules regarding electronic cigarettes are that they are viewed as personal devices. This means that just like a laptop, mobile phone or tablet; they are allowed to be carried on board a plane but, in the case of e-cigs, cannot be activated and used.

The main reasons given for people not being allowed to vape whilst on board are:

• Using an e-cigarette could possibly affect other passengers

• Vaping looks like smoking which may throw people off

• Because they contain nicotine they are technically classed as a tobacco product and so come under the ban of smoking during a flight.

• E-cig vapours will set off the smoke alarms that all airlines have in their bathrooms.

The lithium-ion batteries e-cigarettes use must be protected from accidental activation or damage and spare batteries are not allowed to be checked in to hold luggage because of the fire risks. When carrying your e-liquid on board, you need to put this into a clear plastic bag as you would with other liquids. Ensure it is under the 100ml liquid limit.

Vaping in the airport terminal

The use of an e-cigarette whilst in the airport terminal really depends on where you are. Some airports will have areas that are designated for all types of smokers but those using an electronic cigarette will probably want to avoid these areas because of the smell of tobacco.

Heathrow Airport allows passengers to use electronic cigarettes in the airport itself, they have a designated e-cigarette lounge in Terminal 4, but you cannot use them beyond the gate area. Gatwick however, does not allow the use of e-cigarettes within the terminal and users must use the dedicated smoking areas outside.

It’s always worth having some e-cig etiquette when travelling. Never try to have a sneaky one in the on-board bathroom. Apart from setting the smoke alarm off it may cause an alarm amongst other passengers, since it is still a novelty to see people vaping.

Although it is argued that vaping is a far smarter alternative to cigarettes and without any of the harmful smoke, it is still important to abide by the rules and be respectful towards other passengers.

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