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Traditional Russian Entrees

Russian Entrees

In traditional Russian cuisine there are three basic variations of preparing meat for a main dish after soup.

  1. A large piece of meat is boiled in soup or a porridge, that meat is then used as second course of jellied in a Kholodets.
  2. Offal dishes (liver, tripe, stomach) baked in a pot with cereals
  3. Whole fowl dishes, parts of fowl, or rump baked on a baking tray in the oven.



Jellied meat. This might seem off putting to the standard observer but Kholodets is actually a delicious preparation of meat. The interesting aspect is the fact that they is no gelatin used in the Kholodets making process. The fat from calves feet, pigs feet, and other such offal provide enough gelatin to the dish itself.


Russian Entrees

Pelmeni is a traditional Russian dish similar to Asian dumplings or Italian ravioli. The dish consists of a minced meat filling, wrapped in thin dough made of eggs and flour. For filling pork, beef, lamb or any other type of meat are acceptable. The meat is then combined with various spices such as pepper, onions, garlic.


Russian Entrees

Small stuffed buns made with either yeast dough or a short party. Pirozhki can be filled with a variety of meats, the pies are either baked or shallow fried in a pan. Typical fillings include chopped boiled meats with sautéed onions, rice and boiled eggs, mashed potatoes with dill, and sautéed cabbage.

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