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Tips When Travelling to Puerto Vallarta

Before you travel to Puerto Vallarta, get the best tips on what to see and do. You’re travelling to Puerto Vallarta and now you’re researching what to do. You’re in luck, we know just what you need. If you search online you’ll likely to find commercial ads telling you that you need to do certain things. The problem is this is not unbiased information. You’ll get unbiased info and only the best tips here.

First of all, you don’t need to pay for sightseeing. There are more than enough things to see and do in Puerto Vallarta for free except one important thing. You’ll want to get in the ocean. For this there are many options and many that we recommend. Seeing the city from the water will give you good opportunities to many photos, some during the day and some at night. Both will give you good photos to take home. If you want to go out during the day, you can take a boat ride to go snorkeling or travel to one of the islands. If you want to go at night, you can take a boat cruise that offers a delicious dinner and drinks. We highly recommend you take either or both of these options. Puerto Vallarta is on the coast of the Pacific and offers the visitor an unprecedented water experience. Besides taking a boat ride, all other sightseeing can be done for free. The best places to do this are the Malecon board walk and Old Town.

One of the most popular walks in all of Puerto Vallarta is taking a stroll down what is called the Malecon. This walk covers 14 blocks travelling along the beach. You can see the local artist offerings which include paintings and sandcastle sculptures, which is a huge draw for all visitors. On the walk you can get something to eat or get drinks. There are many restaurants and drinking establishments to satisfy any hunger or thirst.

Once you’ve done that, you can explore Old Town. This is where you’ll want to spend most of your time. This will also give you the best views of the famous architecture and food you’ve heard so much about. During the day you can take plenty of photos to bring back home with you. The locals refer to this part of the town as the Romantic Zone. It will make you feel like you’re in the real Mexico and one that is the romantized version you’ve heard about. The best restaurants and night clubs are all found in Old Town. For the best photos, stroll to the Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe, the center of it all.

In Old Town you’ll also find the best cultural vibrancy in the city. Artists present their works and offer the savvy shopper better deals than any other part of the city. After dinner at one of the many fine eating establishments, you can get a drink at any of the many bars and clubs that call Old Town home.

Puerto Vallarta offers more than what other places in Mexico can offer. So if you haven’t book your flight or picked from the puerto vallarta hotels, do so now. See what it can offer by spending time on the Malecon and scrolling through Old Town. And if you want even more, take a boat ride and see this fabulous and enchanting city from the Pacific.

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