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Too much Baggage: Favorites of this season

I am always on the go whether it be because of my line of work or personal travel – I think I’ve really nailed down not only the essentials of what to pack, but what to pack it in. Check out some of my current absolute favorite, reliable and maybe luxurious luggage.


Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton

Why: If you want luggage that you can potentially pass down to your grandkids – go with Louis Vuitton. The brand is not only praised for its high fashion and design – its quality will leave you satisfied for years. You can find a lot of negative reviews online about LV products which is surprising to me. I can only imagine it’s so because they bought counterfeit products online. Make sure to make it a point to go into a Louis Vuitton store/department. Not only does this guarantee your product you also get to indulge in a shopping experience that is over the top every time.



TUMI - Topas Titanium Cabin Multiwheel IATA 53 pictured

Topas Titanium Cabin Multiwheel IATA 53 pictured


Why: A staple item this year, this heavy duty aluminum bag is everything from fashion forward to space savvy. Despite its boxy exterior the interior contains a flex-divider system that will make your packing an enjoyable experience. I love that it stands as a perfect carry on bag too. The coloring on these is what really gets me – you will be turning heads as you walk through with your sexy-yet-neutral colored metallic bag that is sure to compliment any outfit. 



Navy Monogrammed Duffel

Navy Monogrammed Duffel

Neiman Marcus

Why:  Looking to book a spontaneous flight for the weekend? This bag is perfect for short trips where you decided all you need is a couple swimsuits a pair of sandals.  It is the perfect combination of relaxed and elegant. Because of its cotton canvas, this duffel bag just screams ‘beach weekend getaway,’ but its faux suede trim and leather handles keep it chic. Not to mention you can personalize up to three initials in a deep blue color. Win-Win-Win.

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