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Little Tips for Packing That Make a Huge Difference

Packing can sometimes be a challenging task. It is hard to find ways to make sure your things do not get lost or ruined in your suitcase. These simple tips will help make packing more efficient and worry free.

Need to freshen up your suitcase? Use dryer sheets

Our suitcases go through a lot of stuff, especially if you travel a lot. So that means that your suitcase may not always smell the freshest. But if you use those great smelling dryer sheets and place just even one of them in your suitcase, it will freshen up your luggage like no other. Plus it takes us no room at all.

Laundry bags? Use shoe bags

A lot of times when we buy a nice pair of shoes or even a new purse, you will get a handy shoe bag along with it. You can use these shoe bags as laundry bags. They are the perfect way to store your dirty laundry on the road without having to use trash bags.

Need a case for a variety of things? Use a sunglass case

The cool thing about sunglass cases, especially ones that come with those cool polarized men sunglasses, is that they come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but they can always be used for something while traveling. You can store your phone charger or ear buds or even a mini first aid kit with painkillers, Neosporin and Band-Aids. Cases will even keep nail polish bottles from breaking on the go.

Don’t want to lose earrings? Use tiny button bags

You know when you buy new clothes with buttons they come with a spare button in a small little bag? These bags are perfect to store your earrings and other small jewelry in. It doesn’t take up a lot of room and it keeps them safe and from being lost.

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