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Getting Kicked Off Planes Becoming More Common

As a flight attendant I found this article on Yahoo! to be rather interesting. It seems like a lot of people have been getting kicked off planes lately. From super models to children, the friendly skies haven’t been so friendly.

Just last week, a soap opera star was kicked off a flight after she argued with a flight attendant (seen this way too often) because the actress used hand sanitizer instead of soap after the bathroom. The actress said that the flight attendant bumped her hand and that the attendant accused her of touching her so she got her kicked off the plane. There has to be more to the story because I cannot see this happening. It just seems like a made up story to cover the truth.

Supermodel Kate Moss was also recently kicked off a plane for being disruptive. I haven’t read any details, but knowing that she is a diva, I can see this happening easily. It would be interesting to hear her side of the story, but it probably wouldn’t even be the truth anyways.

Children are not always the best at flying, which is understandable. So when a 23-month-old child was kicked off a plane for throwing a tantrum, I thought it was absurd. Children cry and especially in unfamiliar places. I think the flight attendants could have handled it better and maybe offered some TLC.

So the debate is hotter than ever, how much power do flight attendants and airlines actually have? It seems like even the smallest of confrontations leads to people getting kicked off planes way too often. Some have even said that some airline workers may be on a power trip. I can see how it is viewed that way, but the workers are also trying to keep everyone safe.

At the end of the day I think they are doing what they think is best by removing these people, but I also think that they need to step back and evaluate the situation better and not jump to conclusions and extreme actions so quickly.

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