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Cigars for Newbies

Are you new to the cigar world? It can be quite overwhelming with all of the different types of cigars and different brands. But don’t get intimidated! There many ways to find helpful resources and easy ways to get started smoking cigars.

Start Small!

First, start out with small cigars and maybe even some that are flavored. For example, Swisher Sweets Little Cigars are the perfect cigar to get started. They are small, easy to smoke and taste delicious. These little cigars are the perfect way to ease into a little bit stronger cigars.

Start Mild!

Speaking of small and flavored cigars, make sure that you are starting out with mild cigars. You can go for more bold and spicy flavors once you get the hang of smoking cigars. There are so many different flavors to choose from, it is ok to try a variety to get to know what type of taste you really like. The whole point is to enjoy smoking cigars!

Know Where to Buy Cigars

Do your research before you make any big purchases. You might want to go shopping with an experienced cigar smoker at first to help you out. You can probably find what you are looking for at gas stations and grocery stores, but for more options you will want to either go to a specialty cigar store or shop online. You might be able to find better deals on cigars online, but a specialty cigar store will have a worker to help you through the process. They will also be able to let you know the best way to store cigars and the best way to smoke whichever cigar you are picking out!

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