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Flying Home for the Holidays

It might only be September, but now is the time to start planning your holiday travels. If you need to travel for Thanksgiving or Christmas, you could end up paying a pretty penny last minute. Start researching now to find the cheapest flights to your destination. Choosing Destination Thanksgiving and Christmas is usually the time…

5 Safety Tips for the Fearless Female Backpacker

Solo backpacking is already frightening on its own, but when you do it as a woman, it can be incredibly hard. While female empowerment is on the rise, unfortunately, threats and violence against women still continue. Venturing by yourself alone into the wild already has risks involved, but it can be rewarding whether you’re a…

Experience The Magic Of Uluru With A Sunrise Camel Tour

Uluru used to be called Ayers Rock, and it lies right in the Red Centre of Australia. It’s a place many don’t know about, but it is well worth a visit. You may even have seen plenty of TV commercials and photos of Uluru, but it’s one of those locations you need to feel and…

The Most Common Myths About Travelling

People love myths, and while sometimes they can be interesting, they can often be negative. Find out why these four common myths are completely wrong.

Top Tips To Keep In Mind When First Travelling

Travelling for the first time can be overwhelming for those who have never left their homes. Learn these three tips so you’ll be prepared for anything.