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Best Gadgets to Bring While Traveling

Nowadays especially for the tech savvy millennials, it’s common to travel technologically smart. With advanced device locators, Wi-Fi connectivity, selfie drones and online GPS, it’s the proper time to set better eyes on technology that’s going to be worth your while and most especially, worth your money.

There’s a plethora of choices out there but why invest on a lot when you can invest on the basics? The list below provides the best, up-to-date gadgets to equip with while on another road to world exploration.

Reliable Smartphone

First of all, your smartphone is your holy grail when it comes to traveling. It is your best friend when it comes to photography, location, translation, and a whole lot of things. When it falls and gets damaged, it might be the end for you and your tip.

Avoid that nightmare from happening by proofing your smartphones with a stylish carbon fiber case. Carbon fiber is a strong and lightweight material which is ideal to protect your phones from damage when it hits on concrete or hard tiles. Now you’ll worry less traveling with a broken phone.

Global Wifi Hotspot devices

We carry laptops and tablets that are Wi-Fi-enabled around town and around the country, but did you know there are 4G wireless internet hotspot for global traveling now?

You heard that right! With fast 4G speeds, some good companies have paired up with carriers, which levered internet connectivity worldwide. There won’t be a need for you to keep switching SIM cards for the primary network of a country you’re traveling to. The best part? You’ll be able to cut down on cost and won’t go through the hassle of moving SIM after SIM. Here’s a good overview of providers. To be connected is not all, as some countries restric the access to certain pages or social media. This is why you will need a Vpn to safely browse the internet and unlock any pages from any countries as you can check in this page.

A Lightweight Slim Laptop

This gadget is not everyone’s cup of tea not unless you’re a blogger (or a vlogger) who needs to edit things in a jiffy. Or a digital nomad who brings work to any other place in the world. Whatever the reasons are, carrying a laptop that is ultra-thin and lightweight is best the best option while traveling. Place it in a leather messenger bag to keep it protected and you’re good to go.

Wireless Bluetooth speaker

Everyone needs to catch a good melody whether you’re on the plane catching some sleep, or jamming to your newly found friends in the transient house you’re staying at. Music is a food to your soul. There is no greater way to enjoy it than using the wireless bluetooth speaker. It’s less hassle and could stir up everyone’s mood for an adventure.

Portable USB charging stations

All of the gadgets you’re going to bring will definitely need some juice when they’re all drained. If you can’t stand the view of messy wires on your hotel room table as your gadgets are charging, then these multi-port USB charging stations will keep them organized. If you’re staying in a shared-house, this device is great for sharing with your roommates too.

Some nature lovers may think that gadgets spoil the point of genuine travel or being in the great outdoors. However, it adds to the whole experience if you know which ones to take with you. If you are traveling with your drone, a charging station is needed along with a portable drone case.

Don’t leave home without a charger in case your battery drains and you need to call a parent or friend, nor do you have to experience potentially deadly insects on a camping ground. Use technology in proper doses while on vacation and you can certainly say you very much needed it.



Feature image by pexels.

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