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baseball st louis cardinals

Baseball with the St. Louis Cardinals!

baseball st louis cardinals After screaming my lungs out at Six Flags St. Louis and munching on some incredible food downtown, Eric and I decided to wake up early to make the most of this awesome summer weather in St. Louis — although it’s still a little humid and raining just a little today, I really have nothing to complain about!

Luckily for us, Eric had some bikes for us to ride around town and check out some of the awesome sights and sounds. If there’s one thing I love more than running, it’s biking! We rode from his place (just a little outside the downtown area) down to the Forest Park, around some lakes and right past the St. Louis Zoo. I really wanted to go check out the zoo for a bit, but Eric had some other plans in mind. He really wanted us to check out this place called Mama Toscano’s.

Before we left the park, we rode past The Jewel Box which is this incredible display located right in the heart of Forest Park. It’s recognized as one of the most “outstanding examples of greenhouse design” according to one of the signs outside of it. The glass walls of the Jewel Box must have been at least fifty feet high and, as I understand it, the structure had just been renovated. It was beautiful! Very happy we decided to stop and take a look.

Eric and I traveled out of the park and made our way towards the restaurant. Good timing too, because I was getting pretty hungry and thirsty from all the bike riding we were doing. As soon as we walked into Mama Toscano’s I knew I was in for a treat. Just the smell alone had me sold! I took a look at the menu and without a second guess I knew I was getting the toasted ravioli. Eric (and hundreds of other Yelp reviewers) noted that this place was the absolute best for toasted ravioli, and I can tell you right now this place lives up to the hype. Incredible. Hands down some of the best Italian food I’ve ever had.

After decompressing and walking around after an incredible meal, Eric and I found ourselves inching closer and closer to the Gateway Arch and Busch Stadium where the St. Louis Cardinals play. I looked at Eric and without saying anything we both hopped on our bikes and gunned it towards the stadium. Luckily for us, they had a ton of extra seats for the game against the Pirates so we bought two, parked our bikes, and headed in!

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